Innovation and Quality.

The Hans Uebelacker Painting Facilities in Munich offers a wide range of color schemes and high-end design – format techniques. Our exclusive and individual surface finishing’s are made from unique materials and are found in private homes and villas, the hotel and restaurant sector, businesses and office’s, as well as Public and Government institutions and buildings.

Our passion for new trends, and our never-ending search for new techniques and styles is very important to us. Our independent developments using innovative materials and combinations is what you see in our projects, and is what makes us stand apart from the competition. Our perfection in finishing’s can be seen from Bathrooms without material joints, incorporation of exclusive soundboards and hidden music systems within the walls, extravagant putty and spatula styles, even wall finishing’s using liquid metals such as gold and silver.

The basis for our superior level of craft-man ship comes not only from awareness, but understanding and growing with new technological developments. Our consistent educational demands within the company and each one of our employees is to continually learn and understand these changes. It is our goal to be able to fulfill the challenging and demanding wishes of our clients and their exclusive needs and tastes found in each and every project we undertake.