Le-Corbusier-Colours – Perfect materials lead to perfect aesthetics

Our colours are a combination of naturalness and the highest quality product available. For this reason we use products from the traditional Swiss colour manufacturer kt. Color. Here we obtain the full rich colours that the renowned painter and architect Le Corbusier was famous for. Based on the original guidelines, from the Corbusier-Foundation in Paris the colours are carefully combined using 80 different pigments which result in a pallet of 63 breathtakingly beautiful colours. With these colours we can realise the individual wishes of our clients.

Le Corbusier, an important pathfinder and contemporary architect measured the importance of colour equally to that of a floor-plan, or the form of a building. In 1931 and 1959 he developed a wallpaper collection in harmonious colour sequences derived out of 14 base tones. Nature was his inspiration and for his materials he resorted to standard products using mineral bound colour pigments.

You as well can create spaces of ambience in tones of dynamic colour contrasts and effective accents. resulting in harmonious surroundings of individuality.